Download Remote Play For PS4 On iOS iPhone And iPad

PlayStation 4 in short PS4 is the eighth generation home video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was announced as the successor of the PS3 and was launched in 2013. The PS4 consists an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built upon the architecture of x86-84. The PlayStation 4 has an interaction and integration with other devices, including the ability to play the game without having the console on “PlayStation Vita” or to stream the game online and controlling them remotely (“Share Play”). The console supports playback of 4K multimedia.

Remote Play

Remote play is also called as “Share Play” The remote play feature allows the user to invite a friend who is online to join their play, this doesn’t require the opposite person to have a game. The user can pass the control of the game to the shared user. In this share play, the user can ask help for another user while he is in danger or helps the other user when they are in danger. This share play requires the other person to have a PlayStation subscription and is allowed to play for one hour at a time.

PS4 Remote Play for IOS

PS4 offers the ability to Share or Remote Play games officially on Mac or Windows PC. Installing the companion Remote Play app on computer will allow the gamers PS4 games anywhere without them being near to a TV. The user must plug in the PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller into the computer with USB or a Bluetooth Dongle. Now, this Remote Play future has been spread to IOS also.

It is available in App Store for 654 INR approximately. The app names are R-Play. It allows the remote play functionality on both iPhone and iPad.  There will be on-screen touch controls replacing the DualShock 4. This would be a limitation but depending on how the game played, it won’t matter.  If you own an Apple MFi certified game controllers, these limitations can be overcome.

You can use DualShock with iPhone or iPad but that set up is complex. This R-play app just acts as amazing as the official Remote Play app on Windows or Mac. It allows their users to play the PS4 remotely on iPhone without the need of actual PS4. The iPhone must be connected to WiFi on a 5GHz network and the PS4 must be connected to a router via LAN cable. Then only one can experience the best PS4 gaming experience on iOS devices. The Remote Play can be even connected through the internet instead of LAN if the gamers wish to.

The gaming resolution can be 1080P at 60fps for PS4 Pro. For standard PS4 it is 720P. In some tests, R-Play worked well on iPad and is better than what the researchers expected. For 654 rupees it is not a cheap app but for games, it is definitely worth it.

Enjoying the gaming experience like PS4 on iOS devices that too wherever you want and whenever you want without any heavy equipment is something that deserves to be costly. It is worth the cost. Your game isn’t going to be interrupted while some other person wants to watch TV.

The process of connecting PS4 to the iOS device is easy to connect and will give you the best viewing experience.

Remote Play Features

  1. The online virtual controller can be customized.
  2. Low input latency
  3. Easy to setup and user can play within seconds.
  4. Supports HD 1080P and 720P video.
  5. The games can be controlled by any MFi game controller.
  6. A user can play a game for anywhere using internet connection.

Experiencing the game like PS4 anywhere we want is the biggest reason why PS4 has such craze. It makes your gaming experience better. So what are you waiting for? Install it immediately.